In this 2018, year of Italian food, I invite you to discover one of the most fascinating Italian cities, Genoa, following a unique itinerary focused on his specialties, led by a professional guide.

The history of the city unveiled through its cuisine characterized by a few local ingredients combined with many others from all over the world, being Genoa since centuries one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean.

You’ll be introduced to the basic foods of the Genoese cuisine visiting first the “Mercato Orientale”, the central main food market in town with his large variety of products, so much lush fresh food – fruit, vegs, fish, meat, cheese, rice, lentils. All beautifully displayed.

Then walking into the medieval historical center (the largest and best preserved in Europe), you will stop among ancient shops and new premises to taste samples of the local specialties: Focaccia, “Farinata”, Cod Fritters & Fried Squids, “Torta Pasqualina”, , “Trenette al Pesto”, “Cima”, Vegetables Loaves, “Stoccafisso accomodato”,“Trippe” as for the savory dishes. Candied fruits, fondants and bonbons, sugared almonds, rose syrup, sugared sweets, “Pandolce”(Sweet bred), “Panera” ice cream, “Zena” cake, different kinds of chocolates, Preserves and Cordials… and many other pastry products as for sweets.

You can choose between two types of tours that differ only in the number of stops…and appetite!

  • Food walk A) 5 Stops (3 savory & 2 sweet tastes)
  • Food walk B) 7 Stops (4 savory & 3 sweet tastes)

all including 2 drinks (wine, beer, soft drink or water).

Meeting Place: you can meet the guide at your hotel in Genoa or outside the Mercato (XX Settembre Street).


  • A) 3 hours
  • B) 4 hours


  • A) euro 85 p/p (min. 4 people)
  • B) euro 115 p/p (min. 4 people)